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Start Sharing Your Restaurant QR Code To Get Orders!! Check Out These 6 Steps

Quick response or scan-able QR codes have been used in various places and for various purposes. From making a payment to marketing, the role of QR codes has been massive in the past few years

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for these touches-less properties. One of the main applications of the QR code menu can be seen in the restaurant. And if you are a restaurant owner, you mustn’t miss out on an opportunity to adapt to this technology.

The digital menu QR code has helped many restaurant owners provide easy access to their customers. It has reduced human touch-points during the service, allowing customers to see the menu from a distance, order, and pay for a meal.

According to the National Restaurant Association Survey, 50% of the restaurants have implemented QR code menu since the covid-19 pandemic. If you haven’t yet, you miss so many opportunities and benefits of a QR code menu because it will be the new evolution in the restaurant business.

So, What is a QR code?

You must have seen that the clerk scans the barcode on the packaged product in a store. These barcodes are similar to QR codes, and they come with a set of data. This allows the users to get access to the information stored in it. The smartphone camera can use the QR code, which is why businesses use it to engage with their customers.

What can you do with a digital menu QR code?

Digital menus- with QR codes, your customers can easily access the menu of your restaurants. These QR codes are not only easier to maintain and update than paper ones, but also they can reduce the cost of manufacturing paper menus.

Simple Payments- scan to pay has become the new slogan of the digital world. This technology allows your customers to pay immediately—no need to keep the change or wait for the server to accept the credit card.

Mobile orders & payment- with this option, your guests can order and pay from their phones. They can order whatever and whenever they want with just one click.

Better engagement- with the help of a digital menu QR code, you can add your brand logo to the digital menu. It will not only increase your engagement rate but also boost brand awareness.

Are you searching for a reliable QR code menu for restaurants maker?

As you can see how adding a QR can make a huge impact on your restaurant, it is time for you to generate a QR code menu. For this, you will need a digital menu creator like OCTOPUSCO.

We have designed OCTOPUSCO to make a QR code menu for restaurants and to help them with its features. OCTOPUSCO allows you to customize your digital menu. You can create a menu and start taking orders from your customers without facing any sort of problems. We have helped so many big brands with our service, and now it’s time for you to take advantage of this technology.

Here are the six simple steps to share and use your restaurant QR code.

• Step1- Open the OCTOPUSCO-Digital menu QR generator.

• Step2- select the category you want and the type of QR code you want (static or Dynamic QR code)

• Step3- customize the QR code on your own, and you can add a logo of your brand as well for better recognition,

• Step4- create the digital menu by adding anything you want. You can create breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well.

• Step-5 test the QR code and then download it in print quality

• Step-6 share the QR code with your customers so that they can order the items they want.

Suppose you want to see how beneficial a QR menu is for your business without spending a penny, then OCTOPUSCO has got your back. OCTOPUSCO offers 7-days free trials that you get time to decide.

How to use it?

After making a QR code menu with the help of OCTOPUSCO, it is time to learn about how the process works.

The customer will scan the QR code, and after that, he/she will get access to the menu and price chart. From the digital menu, the customer can send orders directly to the Kitchen Display System. There will be a payment option as well to make the payment for the orders.

Benefits of QR codes Menu by OCTOPUSCO

OCTOPUSCO’s QR code offers many benefits to the restaurant owners, such as.

Printing cost reduction- paper printing can be costly, and they get damaged with time. But by switching to the QR code once, you don’t have to worry about that cost. You will reduce the cost of printed menus, which will have a positive impact on your business.

Easier menu updates- one of the major problems with the paper menu is you can’t update the menu whenever you want. You will have to change the menu even if you make a little spelling mistake. But OCTOPUSCO allows you to update the menu anytime you want and add descriptions on the existing item.

Reduced ordering time- ordering with paper menus is time-consuming. The waiter has to give the menu to the customer, and when the customer decides the item, then the waiter again has to come and take the orders. With OCTOPUSCO, you can eliminate the middleman and make the process faster. Your customer can choose and order any item he/she wants.

Be a part of the transformation

If you want to stay in business for a long time, then you have to follow the technology trends. If you don’t, then your competitors will take advantage of it, and you can lose your customers. If you don’t want to risk it, then you better choose OCTOPUSCO to make a QR code menu for restaurants. QR codes are here to stay, so take your time and make a decision that suits your requirements. You will not only give a smoother and better experience to your customers but also be able to book a big profit.

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