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Boost Your Restaurant Revenue By Creating Digital Menu! Explore the Benefits Here?

The primary goal of restaurant owners is to keep growing and take it to the next level, which can be achieved by cutting that extra cost and creating a good customer base. A restaurant owner can do this in so many ways. But here, we will discuss a technology that can be the real game-changer for the restaurant business. Don't miss out on this opportunity if you are a restaurant owner.

Let's Get started

Are you investing too much money on your paper menus or printing them to run your business. Why not considered a change in this? If you have not, it is high time for you to do so. Technology has changed so many things in various sectors and how it operates over the years. In the restaurant business, the major change has been the digital menu. Many people don't know what a digital menu is and how it can bring massive opportunities for the restaurant business. 

So, What is a Digital Menu?

A Digital menu is aboard that is an alternative to the paper book. It works like a usual menu that displays food and other features. The digital menu uses a digital screen in which a customer can order with the help of a mobile device and internet connection. The customer only has to scan the digital menu QR code to access the menu.

How to create a digital menu, and what benefits will you get?

You can create a digital menu with the help of a digital menu maker. OCTOPUSCO is one of the best digital menu-making software to create feature-loaded digital menus. Below you will find some of the key benefits of using OCTOPUSCO to make your digital menu?

  • Lure customers 

With OCTOPUSCO, you can replace your traditional signs and poster. A digital menu offers a realistic expectation of the food that hive you an advantage to attract more customers. You can easily control the customer's eye by taking advantage of animated gifs. 

  • Change your menu with one click.

It would be difficult to change the menu with a traditional paper menu or boards. If you ever want to add a food item, you must invest in a paper menu again. It will waste not only your time but also money. On the other hand, with OCTOPUSCO's digital menu maker, you can instantly change the menu. It will make things infinitely easier, and you can manage items and prices whenever you want.

  • Spend less

By spending your money on a digital menu, you no longer have to spend your money on regular promotions and printings. You can do any design and test your creativity on the digital menu. Digital menu is a hell of a lot easier to manage and learn. You can also cut the cost of the middleman. 

  • Display marketing message

OCTOPUSCO is an easy Digital signage or menu maker that allows you to communicate withyour potential customers. You can design the sign according to the occasion, specific time, and other promotions. You can highlight any new food addition toyour restaurant on the digital menu to grab the customers' attention easily.

  • Streamline ordering

OCTOPUSCO allows you to add beautiful images to your digital menu. This encourages the customers to make quick decisions. By adopting a digital menu, you will see a rapid change in the ordering speed. The customer has to use the digital menu QR code to order. Additionally, it will improve the customer service ratings because they don't have to wait. 

  • Use day-parting

Do you find it difficult to change the menu again and again? It must be hard for you to set up the board according to the time throughout the day. Also, it shared to maintain different paper menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

OCTOPUSCO can save you from this hassle by automation feature. Your menu will change automatically from breakfast to lunch and dinner. You will be able to display the menu whenever and however you want. With automation of day-parting, you can save a lot of time and focus fully on the business. Additionally, you can offer a great experience to the customers. 

  • Hygiene 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, no one wanted to touch the commonly used things. So many people touch a paper menu. The more people touch, the higher is the chances of getting infected. In this time, a digital menu comes to the rescue, which would be the best solution. The menu will appear as soon as someone scans the digital menu QR code from their device. Your customers will surely appreciate this initiative.

What's more?

If you want to see the benefits for yourself, you can take the 7-days free trial from OCTOPUSCO. You don't have to spend a penny in these seven days, and if you find it useful, you can proceed further to buy the premium version. You will get the premium version at a 50% discount, making it only 749 INR per month. There will be no commission charge as well. OCTOPUSCO has worked with some of the big brands in the market, and now it's your turn to take advantage of the digital menu QR code technology.

Consequences of not shifting to the digital menu?

If you're still not convinced enough and continue to use paper menus, you may find yourself in big trouble. You will face with the traditional menu, such as such as so many negative outcomes

  • Your customers have to wait longer, which is not good for your business
  • Your competitors will adopt this technology and attract more customers
  • Your potential customers may not choose you because of  the hygiene issue
  • You will waste so much time and money updating the paper menu

Final thoughts 

Shifting to a digital menu is not only about taking advantage of these benefits. It's about transformation, which is the key in every business. The world is shifting towards a better future, and you can't afford to stay behind. Adopt this new technology and witness the change yourself. You will be amazed to see how a small thing like a digital menu can enhance the connection with your customers and take your business to new heights. 

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