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5 Ways to Increase Your Revenue with a Digital Table Ordering System

Digital Table ordering system is where customers can place an order for food in restaurants without any physical contact with the staff working thereby using their smartphones and scanning the QR code that is stuck on the table.

This QR code will take you to the restaurant’s digital menu where you can select the food that you wish to eat and simply place an order by completing the payment procedure. After this, you just have to wait for some time and your order will be served to you at the table by the staff.

The online food ordering system for restaurants saw a boost during the pandemic as people were avoiding physical contact and this system was so helpful for both customers as well as restaurants. People can also place orders or book a table for themselves in restaurants of their choice beforehand which saves a lot of time if you are running late on time and want everything perfectly managed.

5 ways to increase your revenue with a Digital Table ordering system: -

1. Take the first step take

The first step for increasing your sales and the first step for that is to get your restaurant a Digital Table ordering system which you can get easily in today's date. As there are many companies that provide these particular services and the prizes are also affordable. You also get your own by hiring a software developer or someone who can make it for you personally which will be cost-effective if your restaurant is not so big and spread in different towns.

2. Customize Personal Experience

An attractive user interface of a restaurant’s digital menu is the must as customers will find it attractive and in today’s date people give more attention to a brand as they know these people will give us proper service and make the spending worth it so they don’t think much while spending. So, it is important that your restaurant’s digital menu is attractive and you spend some good money on improving it. Customize the menu or a website that will open after scanning the QR code on the table according to people so that they can easily find and select the food that they want to eat. Also, highlight the best food at your restaurant and include discounts and offers if there are any.

3. Add Photos and Details of all Dishes

Make sure that you upload the pictures of dishes that you are serving along with the dish name on your digital menu from where people will put an order after scanning the QR code. It is scientifically proven that when a person’s hunger strikes the first thing that a person finds is what is visible to his eyes. So, adding images of delicious food will make the customer grab it in no time. Make sure the images that you upload looks realistic and fresh and don’t overdo it as customers will expect the food delivered to be the same or else, they will be disappointed and not look for future orders from your restaurant and this might also affect your restaurant ratings.

Also, add details of each dish about the way it is cooked and what all ingredients are added to it. If possible, adding a chart of nutrients percentage that the dish has would be so helpful as people will know what they are eating.

4. Invest in a Good software

To make the overall experience smooth for your customers you should invest in good digital ordering system software. You can also try different software for free for the initial few days as many companies will offer you a free trial to understand their software and then you can choose the best one that suits you and meet all your needs.

After that choose the best and attractive layout for your menu which will attract customers and also keep in mind that it does not have any technical glitches or errors and the layout does not have any empty spaces nor it is filled too much.

5. Take Feedbacks

Once the customer scans the QR code from the table and puts an order for the food, add a page of feedback at the end of this process and ask for different feedbacks and ratings related to the process of ordering food, food served, and overall experience. This feedback will help the new customers that are looking for a nice restaurant and this overall will directly help you increase your restaurant’s revenue using a digital table ordering system.


The most important thing to increase revenue of your restaurant is to increase sales and for increasing sales you need to work on some important things such as branding, setting up with the ongoing trend, marketing, service provided, good and delicious food and making changes with time. Changing with time and changing with respect to the needs and habitats of your customers is the best way to increase sales and gather huge number of audience and thus leading in growth of the overall revenue.

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